Welcome to the Friends of the Monongahela Website! This site is a collection of infomation relating to the Monongahela River Watershed. You are invited to use this information as you see fit. Your information, comments and suggestions are always welcome.

About the Mon River
Subbasin number 19 has a total drainage area of 2737 square miles. Known as the Monongahela Subbasin, it includes the Pennsylvania portion of the Monongahela River, from West Virginia and Maryland to Pittsburgh. In PA, the subbasin encompasses all of Fayette County, much of Greene, Washington, Westmoreland, and Somerset Counties, and a small portion of Allegheny County.

Goals of FOM
Develop standardized water quality data streams and assessment of health
Apply for Brownfields Assessment Grants to inventory land
Get a full-time OSM/VISTA position for FOM
Apply for EPA CARE grants to identify toxins
Update RCP
Extend Rail Trails to Pittsburgh